Saturday, July 5, 2008

Geocaching, traffic and...keytones. Oh My!

It was a definite non-beach-day today, so we decided to embark on an "adventure" with the Earleys and explore some of the caches in the Nickerson State Park in Brewster.

The day started off traffic-y - which shouldn't have been a surprise, I suppose, for Saturday July5th on Cape Cod. Out of character, Tom hadn't objected when I mentioned our plan - but then again, he wasn't coming.

We did make it to Brewster within an hour, and had a great time searching for (and finding) a couple of caches overlooking Cliff Pond. A great spot, and fun finds.

Stupidly, though, I let it go too long without a big meal for TJ. (Supposedly with the pump he can skip meals, but this hasn't been our experience...those "starvation" keytones come on fast.) His numbers were great - staying right around 120 all afternoon, and he did have a snack and bolus at 2:00. But by 4:30 he was complaining, and I could tell he was getting keytones. Sure enough, his BG rang in at 126, but his keytones were climbing - technically OK, but still higher than I would like - 0.4. Mikey helped him with a bolus and a snack while we sat in traffic with a capital TRAFFIC and I found myself understanding my fathers lifelong resistance to Cape Cod.

Suzanne navigated us around a bit of route 28, and we hit a Sea Food Sams. TJ was still belly-aching (quite literally, I'm sure), so I bolused a little low for his 3 mozzarella sticks and bowl of chowder, not sure of how much he would finish (not to mention totally clueless as to how many carbs are actually in 3 mozzarella sticks and a bowl of chowder).

TJ seemed better, but when we got home (in much less traffic, I might add) he started hanging his head over the pot. UGH.

6:30 PM - BG is 446(!!!) and keytones of 1.4. Injection of 2.5 and temp bolus of 125% for 30 minutes.

7:30 PM - still a wet rag. BG is 460 and keytones of 1.7. Now we're going in the wrong direction.

A call to Joslin let us know we were doing things right, though (something I never mind hearing), and the doctor on call had us bump the temp basal up to 150% for 4 hours.

8:15 - he's down to 334 and keytones of 0.4. Phew! Not out of the water yet, but in the right direction. At least we can put him to bed.

9:30 - 143. Keytones of 0.2. Ahhhhh.....

Are we out of the woods yet? Time will tell. The last time this happened we fought keytones for a couple of days, but 0.2 I'll take.

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