Friday, July 4, 2008


Today marks the end of the kids week at Camp Farley!

Although I had driven by a few times, I had never given the camp a second thought until Sally mentioned that she would be sending her kids, and that the camp employed a full time nurse. (As always, my friends are graciously looking after TJ.)

I was nervous at first, but met with the nurse last week. She was eager to do anything I asked, and I felt confident that even if his numbers were not perfect, TJ would be safe at camp. Deb (our amazing Joslin nurse educator) helped to calm my fears a little, too, by reminding me that any nurse is totally capable of managing his daily care. the kids went.

And...they have loved every campy minute of it. Walking through the Camp Farley grounds is like stepping into some '80's movie about camp. There is an outdoor stage area with bleachers built into the hill called - that's right - Council Grove. At Council Grove they kids have picked up many a traditional "camp" song. Council Grove overlooks the pond where they have swimming lessons and the many cabins for the overnight campers. The kids have produced yards and yards of gimp projects. This camp is so stereotypical, it is hard to believe its real.

Five days of hanging without the kids hasn't been too shabby, either. Taking a break from constant parenting, and from constant diabetes management, to just work in the yard, go out to breakfast, actually tan my back at the beach...I'm already planning for next year, when the kids will undoubtedly be enrolled in another session of camp.

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