Sunday, August 2, 2009


How quickly we settle into vacation. One day in, with Tom headed to Stellwagen in search of tuna, we settled into our slow paced routine of beach, reading, puzzles, and solitaire. I love how much my children were looking forward to Marshfield. The activities - the games, the beach trip - even the exact puzzles - have become a "tradition."

Rope Swinging

There does not seem to be anything that is more quintessentially summer than a rope swing. Pure summer love.

Both Gwen and TJ were so much more brave then I imagined they would be when we arrived at the swinging spot - letting the rope take them far out over the pond over and over.

Just by chance, TJ's cozmo insulin pump is right up front and center in the photos I took of him swinging. On the one hand, I love these photos - pictorial evidence that diabetes never holds him back. On the other hand, they are a reminder - diabetes with him, no matter the day.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 Days

Many years, the coming on of August causes me to panic. In so many ways I have yet to settle into a summer routine, yet all of a sudden the end is in sight. This summer - one filled with unpredictable weather, a busy work schedule, and a two-week stay away from home - I find myself entering August with a sinking feeling that summer will end and I will not have lived it.

But, in reality, summer is only peaking - there are many days left to be enjoyed. In order to live them just a little more deliberately, and to share them with my children, I challenged each of us to keep a journal for each day in August. The children were each treated to new spiral notebooks and markers to help encourage them and each dutifully filled the first page with color, prose, and drawings detailing our first day of actual away-at-a-beach-house vacation. I promised them I would blog each day this month.

Although the first half of summer has passed by in a (non-documented) flash, the images on my camera tell tales of long, fun-filled days. Rope swings, boat rides, beach excursions. Fun, any way you remember it.