Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Just About the Numbers

At Karate Thursday, TJ seemed to misplace his fantastic multi-click lancet device. I LOVE this lancet thing-y. It holds six needles in a barrel, so there are no "sharps." You just rotate the barrel to change the lancet, instead of take one out and put a new one in, so you have no trash if you do change for each test (or even every other), and the barrel lasts easily for a day - no carrying around extra lancets.

So...skip to after karate when I am frantically calling around trying to find the misplaced lancet. I'm talking to S, who drove him to and from karate, to M, who will be going there soon to pick up his own daughter, and finally to the secretary at Tumble Time. No one can find it. UGH.

Maybe he just didn't want to be in trouble, but TJ put me in my place by saying "I think diabetes isn't about what kind of stuff you have. It's just about your numbers."

Well, okay then. I suppose he's right.

We Can Walk for Miles and Miles and Miles!

Well, we are WAY behind on updates...the walk was, in fact, two months ago. And it was hugely successful! Our friends and family raised an amazing $5,000 for diabetes reasearch. I can't even begin to say how wonderful this is. To all of you who gave so generously - a huge heartfelt thank you!

After weeks of work, and ironing MANY t-shirts, we walked on a beautiful fall day, both sides of the Charles.

Team TJ in all it's glory! We might not have raised the most money, but we definitely had the best banner!

Many, Many thanks to Mike, Suzanne, Sally (and her very generous family!), Kevin, Mimi, Papa, Brian, Michael, Heather, and the six fantastic kids who all trekked three whole miles without a single complaint.

And to the waiter who complimented our children's behavior at lunch - you have no idea how great that makes us all feel!