Monday, May 18, 2009

Be (Kerri's) Guest

I'm SO honored to be hosted as a "guest blogger" today over at my favorite blog, Six Until Me. Kerri has been an inspiration to me since TJ was diagnosed, and I am still in awe that she would share her space with me. Check it out here!

Stuck in a Rut

Thomas had his appointment with our nurse educator Deb last Friday. Both Tom and I were excited for the appointment, because TJ has had what seem like great numbers lately and we were anticipating a fantastic A1C (and what, getting a gold star? I don't know).

The appointment went really well - Deb is pleased with his numbers, pleased with the adjustments we had made ourselves to his insulin/carb ratio and basal rate, pleased in general. We are A+ parents of a diabetic, apparently. (Which is great for me, grade-grubber that I am...) Oh, wait, but what's that....the A1C you ask. Yeah, still 7.9. Still high. Hmmmm....let's recalculate....B-.

Of course, I'm kidding. Joslin doesn't give out grades, and if there were grades in parenting mine would certainly be less than a B- based on lack of bedtime stories read alone. BUT, 7.9, really. We were sure it would be lower.

Deb was quick to let Tom know that 7.9 is a great A1C for a boy who is as active as Thomas. One might not know it from the A1C alone, but we've actually been struggling with lows lately, since TJ has been playing tons of soccer. Deb reminded us that 7.0 - 7.5 would be considered the best range for a sports-nut like TJ, but still....7.9, again?? Couldn't they have just tossed us a 7.7 to keep things interesting, keep our motivation level high?

So...we'll be back at it. Maybe logging, maybe making more adjustments. I might have to actually crack open that copy of Pumping Insulin I ordered from Amazon. But for now, we're in an A1C rut.