Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer :: 8.0

Over the past month or so, Tom and I have both been feeling like TJ's numbers have been in range - some highs, but mostly solid numbers, with what feels like many lows scattered throughout. I was happily anticipating our three month check-in with the fabulous Deb at the Joslin Clinic, where I was sure we would be applauded for our wonderful diabetes management, and ability to bring his A1C so low.

And then I downloaded the pump.

Many solid numbers, sure - but also LOTS of highs, and some lows, but not nearly as many as I remember. His three month average BG was 180. A quick search on the internet indicated that his A1C would be 8. Eight.

I am not a person who loves to do errands, chores, tasks around the house. I put off any and all household tasks until the situation is dire. If it were up to me entirely, we would all do laundry only when no one had clean underwear. Somehow, the task of downloading the pump, crunching the numbers, and making adjustments has fallen into the same "oh yeah, gotta do that chore" as laundry. Which is ridiculous, really. And a little pathetic. Yes, it is an annoying, redundant chore, much like clothes-washing. But the results - better long-term health for my CHILD - are far better than clean underwear. And still, it falls by the wayside.

Today we met with Deb, and as the amazing web predicted, TJ's A1C was exactly 8.0, a number Deb was actually fine with. In the past, TJ has been both higher and lower than 8, and it is the top of the goal Joslin sets. It does still seem like a bit of a failure on our part, but there were many other successes: Deb is pleased with how active TJ continues to be, as well as his increased weight - something we have been working hard at. We were able to put additional opportunities for TJ to be independent into his school plans, something TJ was excited about, and Deb was all in favor of. Overall a good visit.

As for the A1C - we'll have to keep at it. Maybe download that pump each time we do a load of laundry.