Saturday, March 22, 2008

Going on a Bear hunt...

Last weekend the whole family trekked into the city to attend the Diabetes EXPO at the seaport world trade center. Although none of us were entirely sure what to expect, I had heard rumors of 'freebies,' and really wanted to get my hands on some! On top of the EXPO (which I worried might be rather boring for the kids) there was the Joslin Teddy Bear Clinic, one of the most well advertised events on the annual Joslin kid's calendar.

So, early Saturday morning we all headed to the city, bears in tow, to check out the scene. We were greeted at the entrance to the exhibit hall by a teddy bear who immediately drew the kids into, well, bear hugs and a TV camera that immediately made me nervous. The EXPO greeters were thrilled, cheering for us..."you might be on channel 5."

Next stop, Teddy Bear Clinic, where the kids took their respective bears (Tyler and Blacky) through the different parts of the Joslin check-up (blood draw, blood pressure, etc.) and also participated in some more routine diabetes care - making a BG log, testing blood sugar, planning a meal. Both Gwen and Thomas were enthralled, carefully completing the task at each station and doting on their patients.

We did score 2 free meters(!), found a new juice that has no carbs (it does have splenda, or course,) and even got to sample a little sorbet. Overall a very successful trip.

And the take-home message has lasted all week. Although I thought the "pretending" might be a little beneath the kids, both have been enthusiastically checking their bears' blood sugar. They drew and gave their own (saline) shots for the bears before bedtime one night, and Thomas is keeping a better log for Tyler than we keep for him. And the best part? The kids actually WERE on the channel 5 news that night.

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