Friday, March 14, 2008

D - upDated

So much has been going on...which seems to leave very little time for blogging. But, much of it has been good, exciting, and fun - a needed change. So, in no particular order, a few D updates:

We had our two pump visits in January and February (complete with math homework). The first was less than successful, ending in frustration followed by an A1C result of 10.1. (Yes, that's right, over TEN!). But, possibly spurred on by the realization that we really were not doing our best "managing" TJ's D, we have put significant effort into getting better control of the numbers, with much success. I think both Tom and I had become resigned to crappy numbers, but with the help of Dr. W and Deb, we have seen amazing improvements!
Our second pump appointment was a breeze, and in only a month his A1C is down to 8.8 (still high, but not as shameful!). So...we are pleased, to say the least. Plus, it is clear how much better Thomas feels when he is in range.

Which leads me to...Thomas' pump came!! His BLUE cozmo is waiting in the box for mid April, when we will do a saline start and April vacation when we will go for the real deal! Never one to disappoint on the humor side, Thomas' one comment when I showed him the pump was "good, buuuuuuut, can you send it back and get a black one, I changed my mind on the color." I'm sure everyone has realized both Tom and I have taken to spoiling Thomas in an attempt to soften the blow of having D, but even I was able to find my backbone long enough to say NOPE to that one!

The pump couldn't be coming at a better time. Thomas - who has thus far been amazing and cooperative at every turn - is finally starting to tire of not being able to eat what he wants, when he wants. Not to mention he has not made any significant growth strides since diagnosis. He's not too small by any means, but he is definitely in a lower percentile than he was pre-D. The nutritionist was pleased with our carb counting worksheets, but made noted on each days logs that his caloric intake was less than a boy his age needed. So, I'm glad to have the opportunity to feed him a little more freely, and with increased calories! We are also very excited about the many pump features, including the attached meter and the integrated computer program. I'm sure there will be many bumps along the pump-paved road, but for now we are looking forward to hooking TJ up with unbridled optimism.

Finally...tomorrow is the Diabetes Expo. We are all excited to check out the scene, score some D-swag, and participate in the Joslin "Teddy Bear Clinic" (because what bear doesn't need a little diabetes care!?!). We'll also be on the hunt for a black case for the (repeatedly requested, apparently undesired) BLUE pump. Hopefully it will be as fun as the promos promise!

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