Saturday, September 22, 2007

Walk This Way...

The JDRF walk is only one week away. Our team - Team TJ - has raised a respectable $2500 so far, and the donations are still coming in. T-shirts have been made, and a pre-walk pasta dinner is in the works.

When I signed our family up for the walk, I was hoping it would be cathartic, or energizing, or something, and in many ways it has been. The true outpouring of support for our family is amazing. People from far and wide have donated money to support this important cause, and TJ's friends are all excited to walk with, and for, him.

But, on some level, the walk has added to the drain. One more thing (donations) to obsess over, a list of thank you cards to write, plans to make (getting to Boston by 9 AM!?!), diabetes in the front of my mind all the time.

I'm looking forward to the walk - don't get me wrong - the jury is still out, though, on the after-effects.

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