Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shopaholic meets...diabetes

I am fully in a fog for the entire moth of April, but somehow feel I can gain a little control by shopping.

It started in the hospital, when I had no clothes to wear because I was already in Boston when we found out Thomas would need to be admitted. I could barely stop crying, but in between tears I kept thinking "God, I would feel a lot better if I could just pick up some sweatpants at Target."

When we got home I branched out to low-carb foods, storage boxes for all of our diabetes supplies, an ID bracelet, books, cookbooks, etc, etc, etc...usually I tried to take Tom with me to the store, because otherwise I ended up in a fog wandering around, not knowing what I was looking for, regardless of how carefully I had planned what I was going out for.

Who knows...maybe someday I can cure diabetes by shopping...

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