Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is it time for school yet???

So...summer sucks. Alright, thats a little harsh. Our family has shared some wonderful days at the beach, on the boat, on vacation, and at Cape League games, but managing TJ's diabetes is sending me over the edge.

Let me backtrack a little. Although April was a whirlwind, May and June felt relatively "back to normal." Thomas' numbers were pretty good (with a lot of help from the "honeymoon") and we were feeling good about his school routine. He even learned to check his own BG, something I figured wouldn't happen for a year or so.

Like all teachers, I was looking forward to summer, but more so this year as I was anticipating all the success I would be having manging TJ's diabetes. I was sure that since I would be able to be with him most of the time, and "really have control of his numbers" things would go smoothly. (Obviously God has punished me for not believing in Him (or Her) by giving me - most controlling of humans - a child with a totally UNCONTROLLABLE situation...but I digress).

Of course, the minute summer started, it all hit the fan. Basically, we have been putting up with totally unacceptable BG readings since the start of July. Mostly high, with a few crazy lows (24 the other day out on the boat) just to keep us on our toes. Oh yeah, and the honeymoon seems to have ended the minute the endo said it could last up to two years.

Boy, I have never been so looking forward to school starting, since I'm sure with a little routine we can "control his numbers." Yeah, right...

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