Sunday, November 2, 2008


At the North Falmouth Elementary Halloween Parade...

And later, before trick-or-treating with our good friends Sarah and Abigail Lott.

Sarah, Abigail, Amy and Ed's neighborhood, Pirate's Cove, has long been home to our annual candy-collecting event. We love sharing pizza and beer with them, and making the quiet trek along the water. There always seem to be just enough other children and stops to make the night fun, but not too crazy. Many of their neighbors are elderly and seem to love seeing the kids, which is nice, too. And my dad would be proud that I'm keeping up the Kerrigan tradition of drinking whilst trick-or-treating.

The kids each came home with a respectable 2.5 pounds of candy, give or take the weight of a plastic orange pumpkin, and each happily pulled out a few favorite pieces and then traded the bulk of their loot for cash. As it turns out, candy is just about as bad for braces as it is for diabetes. Now the challenge is for us not to eat it all!

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