Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well, despite a two month hiatus from blogging, Thomas is pumping with the best of them. I have actually been holding off on this blog post until I could include a photo or two, but life has been a whirlwind, and I don't have any photos. I do have a day, off, however, so I'm updating the blog. Words only will have to do.

Thomas was "officially" hooked up over April vacation, and things have been running very smoothly since then. It's amazing how quickly the new "normal" replaced the old "new normal" of MDI (shots) therapy.

Thomas is pretty quiet about the pump, but when pressed he has all good things to say. Sure, most of them are verbatim things I told him would be good about pumping, but still, I think he likes it. It certainly has made life easier on our constantly on-the-go family. His numbers have also been much better.

Thomas has also been able to take even more responsibility for his care, which is nice for everyone. He is (as always) great about testing, and most likely could use the pump totally on his own if we would let him. As it is we have to slow him down to keep up with him. He was able to give a very detailed description of how the pump works it's magic to both Gram and Nanny, and successfully completed an overnight visit at Mimi and Papa's. Overall, the pump rocks!

The beach might be interesting, but all else is fantastic. The pump definitely minimizes the (inevitable) disruptions that diabetes brings with it.

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