Monday, February 4, 2008


At TJ's last endo appointment we took a (small) beating from Dr. W for failing to:
a) control TJ's numbers tightly enough and
b) call in to Joslin when things weren't working.

Both Tom and I had began to frustratedly resign ourselves to crappy numbers, but, as so clearly illustrated by his A1C of 10 (YUP - 10!) we have to buck up and deal a little better.

And, we have. Already in the first week after the appointment we saw some positive changes. Then, blessed by God Herself we had a snowday last Monday. I finally had the time I needed to gather all the data and give Deb a call. Now, for one whole week we have been seeing awesome numbers!!! We are making nightly corrections, so the Levimir clearly needs an adjustment, but we both feel like if a correction shot in the middle of the night is all it takes, well then, bring it on. (Easy for me to say since Tom gets up with him every night!).

Regardless...I'm so glad to see good numbers for a change, and I can't even begin to describe what a different kid TJ is when he actually feels good.


Tom said...

He is a lot more happy when he is in range. You can tell right when he wakes up. I love you, you are an awesome mom.

Christine said...

i love you, too, awesome dad!